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  • Bluetooth MeatThermometer

    • Q Does the device work without a telephone?

      A Yes, it can be used as an instant thermometer. However, if you do not connect to the mobile app, you will not be able to set the alarm.

    • Q Does the device's alarm go off continuously when it rises to the set temperature?

      A The preset 215~230 means if your BBQ or smoker drops under or over those preset the alarm will sound. You set the interval temperature alarm. It will not alarm at 215-130degrees. 75degrees will alarm. Please add the temperature value you want to alarm

    • Q Can this device be used to accurately measure the internal temperature of the grill? Or just meat?

      A Not only can the device measure the temperature of the food, you can use the probe to track the ambient temperature inside the grill. It comes with 2 clips to allow you to mount inside on your cooking surfaces.

    • Q Is this device suitable for hot air fryers?

      A You can use the thermometer up to 380 ° C, if the temperature is between 0 ° C to 380 ° C, you can just use the thermometer.

    • Q Does this device only have Bluetooth and WLAN? Can I check it at the same time when Shopping?

      A It only connects to bluetooth. And it is with 5.0 bluetooth, you can max. 100 meters connect your thermometer without any obstacle.

    • Q Can this device connect and monitor six probes at the same time?

      A Yeah, you just have to have 6 probes.

    • Q Is this device magnetic

      A no

    • Q Is the device also suitable for an 800-degree grill?

      A Temperature range for our roasting thermometer --- 0 ℃ to 350 ℃, it is for the nourishment of life such as food, drink, and daily things. For more help, please feel free to contact us at

    • Q 1.Where to download APP-1?

      A In the app column

  • Digital Food Thermometer

    • Q What type of battery does the Bluetooth thermometer use? Included in the packaging?

      A The Bluetooth wireless meat thermometer uses 2 X AA Battery and is not included in the package.

    • Q Is there a switch to turn the display on/off?

      A Yes, there is an on/off button in the lower right corner of the thermometer main unit.

    • Q How many kinds of meat can be selected on the bbq thermomter?

      A bbq thermometer has preset temperature and 5 doneness levels for 7 kinds of food recommended by USDA.All temperatures and timer can be reset to your tastes.

    • Q Can this device calibrate the unit?

      A Our products are calibrated at the factory and do not support calibration after shipment. If you want to confirm its accuracy, it is recommended that you test in boiling water. If you find that the temperature of the probe is inaccurate, please contact u

    • Q Can it be used when it's -20 to -30 Celcius outside?

      A Hello friend, the barbecue thermometer host can withstand severe cold, but the temperature range of the probe reading is 0-350 °C. I am sorry that we have not tested whether it can be used in such a cold environment.

    • Q Does this device fit into the Camado Joe grill and how does it end up with cables coming out?

      A This bluetooth food thermometer is oven-safe . The probe wire is thin enough and probe wire length is 105cm would not affect the oven door seal. But whether it can be used on kamado joe bbq, has not been tested. I guess it is ok, you can try it.

    • Q Can this device set the temperature manually instead of using the preset temperature?

      A You can set the temperature and alarm manually, and the Bluetooth thermometer has an unlimited custom mode.

  • Indoor Temperatuerand Humidity

    • Q Is this device suitable for reptile/amphibian enclosures

      A I'm sure it would. I'm more than happy with this item.

    • Q Can the device use the product in a confined space like a warehouse?

      A Yes, you can.

    • Q Doe sit have a backlight to see temperature at night?

      A The thermometer has no backlight.

    • Q how fast is this device ?

      A Refresh rate of indoor hygrometer: Data measurements are updated every 3 seconds to give your latest changes of the environment!

    • Q what type of battery does this unit use?

      A the indoor hygrometer uses a CR2450 battery, which is included in the package.

    • Q How many batteries does the hygrometer need?

      A 1 x CR2450 button cell

    • Q How to solve the problem of temperature showing only HH.h on the hydrometer

      A The problem is with your hygrometer inside, try removing the battery.

    • Q Can thermo-hygrometers be attached to metal objects?

      A Yes ... you can also put this item on the fridge, for example. because it is magnetic.

    • Q What is the size of the indoor hygrometer?

      A The entire display is approximately 10 x 4.5 cm. The display of the indoor hygrometer alone measures approx. 3 x 5 cm.

    • Q can one probe be used for grill temp and one for internal meat temp and have both displayed?

      A Yes, it can. But do not put the probe directly into the flame.

    • Q Can probes and wires be left in a grill or smoker on high heat without melting?

      A Yes, the probe is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy handles and can withstand up to 752°F. The cable has a metal sheath that makes it heat resistant. Safe for use in oven/grill/smoker. But do not put the probe directly into the flame.

    • Q Is the probe clip to set the depth of insertion?

      A The probe clip help measure the ambient temperature of the oven or grill. The probe can pass through the probe clamp to help hold the probe.

    • Q How do you clean the probes?

      A The probe is waterproof, but the connection point between the probe and the probe braided extention cable is not waterproof. So you could wipe the probe with a paper towel. Or you could Scrub the probe end and rinse, Just pay attention to the connection

    • Q What are the probe clip holders for?

      A The probe clip holder is designed to help hold the probe, especially if you need to monitor the ambient temperature.

    • Q Does it come with a probe wire storage device? Ex something to wrap up probe wires after use?

      A The probe is equipped with ABS packaging design, which can store the probe wire well, prevent the probe from accidental damage and easy to store.

    • Q How long are probes wires?

      A probe cable length: 105 cm; probe length: 14 cm.

    • Q Can the sensors go in the dishwasher?

      A Please do not put in the dishwasher. The sensor and the cable and connector are not waterproof. After your use, wipe with kitchen paper or just wash the tip on the tap briefly, then dry with a cloth or paper, so you can use the sod for longer.

    • Q How long are the cables of the sensors?

      A Approx. 1m

    • Q Are the probes connected to the display by cable or is that bluetooth too? is the thermometer also suitable for a roll roast?

      A The probes are connected to thermometer body with cables. And the thermometer body is connected to your cell phone bluetooth. With the APP, you can set the correct temperature for your food, and also alarm, temperature trend, you can display more inform

    • Q What is the diameter of the sensors on the tip and shaft?

      A Answer: so, measured. Total length sensor: 14.3cm Length of shaft: 3.7 cm Length of tip: 10.6 cm Tip diameter: 1.2 to 3.5mm The sensor tips definitely fit into a 500g T-bone steak.

    • Q Are the probes also suitable for the cooking space (i.e. measuring from different temperature zones)

      A The probes are suitable for measuring the core temperature of the meat, not for the cooking space.

    • Q How do I search for ios apps?

      A The name of the app is "Grill5.0". There should be no spaces between Grill and 5.0. Otherwise, it may not be searched.

    • Q How can I connect the thermometer with my phone? could I still check the thermometer on the app after I leave the house?

      A you can connect it by Bluetooth, the distance up to 196 ft, beyond this distance, it will lose

    • Q How do i turn the display from Centigrade to Fahrenheit?

      A First open the app and open the Bluetooth connected device. Then click "三" more in the upper right corner of the APP page, and finally click "Temperature" to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    • Q How do i turn the display from Centigrade to Fahrenheit?

      A First open the app and open the Bluetooth connected device. Then click "三" more in the upper right corner of the APP page, and finally click "Temperature" to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    • Q What is the bluetooth pairing pin, please (android phone). The suggested 0000, and 1234 don't work)?

      A Don't use your phone's Bluetooth settings to do the pairing. Turn on Bluetooth, then switch to the Grill5.0 app, and it will pair automatically from there.

    • Q Can the app also display temperature curves or the temperature profile?

      A Yes, it can also display the temperature profile, and an alarm, temperature range is set.

    • Q How far is the device from Bluetooth?

      A About 12-15 m

    • Q How do I find the thermometer in the application?

      A Actually, no problem when Bluetooth is switched on and I press Scan in the app

    • Q Can the device be installed/operated/controlled without an APP?

      A Yes, of course

    • Q Can I set the device operation language to German?

      A We have improved our APP, and now you can set your APP in German. But there are still problems with words and spelling. We also offer our customers their opinion. Thank you in advance.